The Edge of Seventeen

The Edge of Seventeen

Now usually teen comedies about how complicated being in high school is doesn’t exactly always translate into a good film. With films of this nature being made year in and year out, it takes a certain kind of film to really made a teen comedy stand out. And that is exactly what The Edge of Seventeen brings. With a bright and witty cast including Hailee Steinfeld and Woody Harrelson this new film brings and different and thought provoking aspect to this worn out genre.

The film follows young Nadine and shows many moments of her life to help understand the beautiful mess that she is. With some complications and challenges from her past, young Nadine finds herself alone and trying to make sense of the crazy world around her. This was really refreshing to see in a film honestly, to have a teen character who wants to be accepted in all the cliché ways, but who also is on a mission to help understand the world she lives in. Edge of Seventeen really brings to life a story that is real and hits home and is possible for every viewer to relate to in one way or another. Although this film is previewed as a comedy, it maintains a very serious undertone that sticks all the way through the movie.

A majority of the comedic moments come between young Nadine (Steinfeld) and her teacher Mr. Bruner ( Harrelson). The two of them have this profoundly awkward train wreck of a friendship, that is complicated but mutual. The two almost seem to hate each other at times but in the end they always want the best for each other. Now if you don’t like awkward moments, you might struggle through this film. But don’t worry, the awkwardness will fade and the comedy will set in leaving you blushing and giggling during many different scences.

Edge of Seventeen was surprisingly underrated. Despite the wonderful reviews from critics and audience, this film seems somewhat over looked. Its a great film with a bright cast and a chaotic story. Don’t judge it by its teen highschool cover, this movie is very deep and carries many wonderful points. Overall I give The Edge Of Seventeen a 8.5/10.

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American Horror Story

American Horror Story

Ryan Murphy has been taking the nation by storm for the past 6 years with arguably the best horror show to ever be on television. With Season 6 Roanoke just finishing up, we wanted to take a look back at what exactly it is that makes this show not only successful, but a world-wide phenomenon.

“My Roanoke Nightmare” was by far the strangest and most mysterious season of all of the previous seasons. This all was started by Ryan Murphy sending his views down a rabbit hole to try and guess the theme and story of the new season. It created a massive amount of publicity and interest in the new chapter of the AHS story. Season 6 is filmed in a very interesting and different way, with camera views on all corners of the wall and even some of the actors holding the cameras themselves. Personally I found season 6 to be the most terrifying of them all because it brought an idea of modern day horror to a modern day world. He made surviving in a world full of cell phones, crooked cops, and things like twitter, that isolation is thing we might be most afraid of.

So how does Ryan Murphy do it? It seems that year in and year out he is blowing our minds and imaginations with some of the most terrifying ideas and stories ever told. But writing cant be the only thing that makes a show like AHS successful. The actors, returning and new, bring a sense of security to the viewer knowing they have seen this actor before. Which is what makes it all strange, to see an actor you like play many different roles over many seasons keep views glued to the screen. Also he finds a way to create new and more intense deaths each year to keep the major gore fans happy. AHS really is and has become, an amazing and fantastic show full of mystery, comedy, history and obviously horror.

With season 6 finished and another season already approved the question lingers, What’s next? If there is anything I learned from Murphy in the past year is that we cant believe anything fully until we have proof. The rumors for next season range from “Cruise Ship” to “Summer Camp”. The only thing left to do now is sit around and wait for the Fall of 2017 to see what Murphy and the crew are up too. AHS is a fast growing show that has absolutely zero signs of slowing down. I would have to give AHS season 6 a grade of 9/10 and the show an over all 9.5/10. If you don’t scare easily and love mystery I cant imagine a better show for you.

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Oliver Stone’s new movie Snowden recently hit theaters starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the notorious Edward Snowden. This movie had a lot of hype around it, just from the magnitude of the true story of Snowden himself and the tale of what he saw and how he exposed the classified information he did see. I personally was very interested in this story and was really excited to see this film. So lets get into the details about the film.


This movie is completely built around facts and has a lot of them. Which if you are a very interested viewer, you will have no problem keeping up. As for the casual movie goer you may find yourself drifting off a bit just due to the lengthy amount of facts and information being thrown at you. Although the story and plot itself still was very mind blowing, it was just a lot going on at once that might easily confuse some viewers.

Saved By Acting

Even being extremely interested in this film I still found myself drifting away and losing focus at certain points of the film. Yet there was one factor that kept bringing the attention back and that was Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley. Those two did a wonderful job of portraying their characters in an interesting and deep way. There was not many wonderful points of this film but without these two talented young actors Snowden could have been much worse.

Snowden 5.5/10

This film got a 5.5 for the reason of just that. It was a run in the middle film. Meaning while interesting and a very enticing true story, Snowden was very forgettable and a soon to be a movie played repeatedly on FX once to television. While the film was not awful, it just did not deliver in a way that was expected. Oliver Stone had a chance to really tell one of the most famous stories of all time and somehow just fell short.

4 Quarters Of Silence short film review

4 Quarters Of Silence short film review

Texas is famous for a variety of different reasons, but one of the first things that comes to mind is high school football. With so many different schools and teams it can be hard to stand out, but there is one school located in Austin that truly makes it one in a million. It is the Texas School for the Deaf Rangers. The only all deaf football team in the Lone Star State.

4 Quarters of Silence is a short independent film directed by up and coming film maker Cody Broadway. With already a couple of successful projects in the past like She Rides Bulls and Cup Of Coffee, 4 Quarters of Silence is sure to be another success for Broadway.

The film takes place in Austin Texas at TSD high school and takes an inside look at what its like to be a member of an all deaf football squad. The film shows just how extraordinary these young kids really are and exposes a method and training routine unlike anything you have ever seen. It portrays how close these young men are and how they must rely on each other and their senses to compete at the Texas football level. From on the field struggles and off the field issues for these young men, the film brings a heartwarming story that is similar to a Friday Night lights vibe but with the struggles of an all deaf team.

4 Quarters Of Silence 9.0/10

This film tells a beautiful story of overcoming adversity and helping young kids who are different, learn and compete at the same level as the rest of the world. The film is being entered into the SXSW (which is in Austin) and The Sundance festival within the next few weeks. I highly recommend you take a look at this movie and show it some support because it is a fantastic story that needs to be heard. You can find more info about the film at and other short films of his as well. I hope you enjoyed the latest post! Stay tuned as I will be back soon reviewing Snowden!

Stranger Things (no spoilers) 

Stranger Things (no spoilers) 

Alright so I know this isn’t a newly released movie but the buzz around Netflix’s new original series “Stranger Things” was too big to ignore. I must say I thought this maybe a show that wasn’t going to live upto the hype. But like most of the people out there, Stranger Things has shocked and amazed itself all the way to the top. With an amazing cast that may not be famous (yet), it tells the story of a small town gone to hell after many strange things start to happen.

The Location and Time Period

My favorite thing about the show by far is that it takes place in Indiana in the 1980’s. Although it takes place in Indiana, It was filmed in Georgia which is where I reside. So many of the locations looked and seem very familiar to me. Which you don’t have to be from Georgia to like it, just need to be scared of the woods. Another aspect was the music in the show. Themed in the 80’s, It had a fantastic sound track that went hand in hand with the show and helped create a modern day 80’s thriller.  The Duffer brothers did a wonderful job of creating a time and place that paired wonderfully with the suspense and fear of the show.

The Leads

If there is one thing I can say about Stranger Things, the show keeps you guessing at every turn. Almost like a magic trick, while your looking one way, the real trick is happening elsewhere. There are many sides to the story that bring to life a new genre of suspense and horror unlike anything I have ever seen. While the show does not get out of hand with gore or other effects like that, it puts a real focus of being afraid and really makes you fear the  monster and mysteries that take place in Hawkins Indiana. And without giving anything away, the Duffer brothers truly create a monster and a world unlike any other monsters ever seen, with a bit of government conspiracy to tie it all together. 

Stranger things 9.5

  1. With a score of 9.5 I can personally promise that this show will do anything but bore you. I did my best to find some issues I had with it but I personally enjoyed every second of it. Which doesn’t make it perfect but you don’t often find a show making you look for issues because they are so hard to come by. In conclusion I highly recommend Stranger Things to anyone who loves being on the edge of their seat through all 8 episodes. I hope you enjoyed 1 to 10 movies review of Stranger Things. Please feel free to comment and subscribe to get 1 to 10 movies reviews sent to your email. Thanks for reading! 

War Dogs Review

War Dogs Review

This weeks review is on Todd Phillips new comedy War Dogs starring Miles Teller and Jonah Hill. This movie hit theaters just a few days ago with a lot of different expectations. I personally, am a big fan of Todd Phillips and his track record of wild and intense comedies. Also Miles Teller is a new actor bursting onto the Hollywood scene and gave War Dogs multiple different threats to make this movie a possible classic. Now lets dive into the breakdown of the film

The similarities of Todd Phillips Films

Almost immediately after the first few minuets of the film I started to see that Phillips stuck to his usual style of film and story creation. This movie really reminded me of The Hangover in many ways. First thing I notice was the connection between Miles Tellers character and his love interest compared to the guys and their wives in the Hangover. There were many different scenes that were strikingly similar to the scenes in Hangover where the main characters are calling their wives explaining how they fucked up ( for lack of better words). Also the use of Bradley Cooper and a short visit to Las Vegas, this movie just felt very familiar. Which I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or bad thing yet.

Miles Teller’s Standout Performance

This guy has really been creating himself a good name in the world of movies and films. He is very simple but yet able to find ways to make each new character he plays slightly different than the next. His performance in War Dogs was outstanding. His character was very believable and Teller made it incredibly easy for the audience to connect and feel for his character and his situation.

One thing that didn’t impress me was the performance of Teller’s co-star Jonah Hill. His character was wildly strange and out of this world. While Hill wasn’t awful by any means, it seemed that there might have been a better choice of actor to find for this role to make it seem slightly more believable. Even though Jonah Hill is responsible for most of the hilarious parts of the movie, his serious acting side was just not as perfected as we have seen in the past with films like Moneyball.

War Dogs 6.8

War Dogs was very interesting and tells an incredible story that many people have never heard before, but I feel that it could have a much better film with possibly another director. Although I am a big Todd Phillips fan, the story was taken away from due to the comedic presence of Phillips and the cast. Also the film was about 30 minuets too long. This story was drawn out in places that could have been cut from the movie and it wouldn’t have made much of a difference.While the story was incredible and I would recommend seeing it, this will be a great movie to wait and watch on TV when it arrives.

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Expectation of Todd Phillips War Dogs

Expectation of Todd Phillips War Dogs

With just a few more hours before the premier of Todd Phillips new movie War Dogs, I wanted to make a short post about what I am expecting before I see the film so I have a little something to compare it too after I see the film and give it a score.

I was a really big fan of the Hangover movies, but being honest they could have gone without making the 2nd and 3rd installs. Even with this in mind I am still expecting Phillips to bring a wild story with an even more wild cast to life in this new action packed comedy.

Also it will be interesting to watch Miles Teller’s performace. He is a young actor working his way to being a household name and I fully expect him to not only play his part but play it very well. Alongside costar Jonah Hill this movie has the potential to be one of the best comedies of the year and possibly put Phillips back on the map.

I cant wait to see the film and write the review to share my opinion  with everyone. Please comment what you all are expecting out of this film and I will try to cover some of those topics in the review. Thanks for reading and stay posted to see the score that War Dogs receives!

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